Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back On-Line and Making Money


As I had mentioned the United States Government (DOJ) in it's infinite wisdom shut down United States Citizens from playing On-Line Poker. As I had posted previously this did not effect me, since I am not a U.S. Citizen, as far being able to play. The issue I was stuck with is the bad players seemed to be United States Citizens. So when you eliminate the bad players you tend to make less money playing poker.

I did some research and found a On-Line Poker Site based in Canada that still allows United States Citizens to play. My conclusion after just a months worth of play on Bodog, is they only allow bad United States Players. This site does not keep the same type of statistics as past sites I have played on, but I can tell you my bank roll grew from $38.00 to well over $8,900. This is the highest my bank roll has ever been. I played about 60 hours a week for 4 weeks, getting around 238,000 hands for the month.

The best news is I can now pay for the Trip to Greece and Turkey in September.

The picture? You have to wait until the next post to understand where this picture of "A" was taken.



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