Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Private Jet - Ritz Carlton - Life Styles of the Rich a Famous (Key Biscayne, Florida)

Pictures at bottom

Someone once told me it is who you know that matters. I must agree! Since leaving Botswana I have been spending sometime in the United States mostly playing poker building up my travel fund.

While I have been doing well, I have not posted my play as the FBI has been clamping down on the on-line poker world. I have been able to get around some of their rules. I left (it was taken), my PC in Botswana I use my Botswana IP address to play. There is some lag with the slower internet, but it works.

Last week I had the opportunity to live life like the Rich and Famous. Dan The Man  "The Jog 'n Hog" and "The Krispy Kreme Challenge" both premier runting events.
has made a name for himself in the running / eating competitive world, this is an up and coming sport know as runting (run - eating = runting). You may remember Dan The Man join me in both

It seems these sporting events are getting bigger and bigger with some events getting coverage on ESPN. Dan The Man decided to go after some corporate sponsors as a way to help fund his competitive runting.

Two of the sponsors he was able to land are NETJETS the private jet charter company and Ritz-Carlton the luxury Hotel Chain.  Both of these sponsors not only pay Dan The Man a small fortune for his endorsements. (he put their logos on his runting uniform) they allow him free access to there products, yes private jets and luxury hotel rooms.

Dan The Man decided to take his family on a spring break to Key Biscayne, Florida. The jet he decided to use, carries 7 passengers and
his family is only 5. He decided to invited me along since I got him involved with runting. I was allowed to bring a guest, of course I invited Margarite.

What a way to travel, I have flown on Margarite's uncles jet, but he always makes me feel guilty for hitching a ride. This flight was pure enjoyment.

What a great week, the hotel was great the weather was perfect. Another great surprise, Dan The Man was able to land another huge corporate sponsor while we were on the trip. The Miami Seaquarium. Who would have know runting was becoming such a big sport. I am starting to think, maybe I should give up poker for runting.

And or course one of the high lights of the trip was having the world famous Alli Ludwick join us for a day. She was able to take out of the Lab and hang with us.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as you can see everybody had a blast. Back to grinding out
some income at the pokers tables so I can get back to traveling.