Sunday, February 19, 2012

Some Poker Play in Gaborone Botswana February 2012

It was a boring Saturday in the village so Nami, The Rock, I decided to go to Gaborone and hit the casinos. The Rock had never played Texas Holdem before so we thought this should be fun.  Over all a great day. Here are some highlights.

The Rock - Would NEVER fold and PLAYED every hand. Lasted a lot longer then he should have.

Nami - as always the expert poker player if not for a tight table he would have won a lot more money. He knew when to hold and new when to fold. Left with an extra $30.00 USD. That is a lot of money in our Village.

DUG - Played poorly was not focused lost on a hand he tried to be sneaky on. Early position limped in with AJ, got about 7 callers. The flop was 10 J 5. J of Hearts and 5 of Hearts. Dug Checked the flop, and so did everybody else until the big blind. He bet $15 into a $15 pot. DUG called figuring he was going to trap this guy. The turn was another Jack. DUG new he had the winning hand now. The Big Blind bet $35 this time. DUG put him on a Jack also with a lower kicker. DUG called. The pot was now about $120. On the River a 6 of Hearts. Now there were 3 Hearts on the board. There was no way this guy had a flush since he had been betting strong the whole hand. So DUG bet $45 of his remaining $90. The Big Blind pushed all in, DUG called, ready to collect several hundred dollars. The other guy showed A 8 of Hearts for the Nut Flush. DUG was wiped out. $300 USD down the drain, about 4 years worth of living expenses in his village.

You win some and you lose some, DUG just needs to win more then he loses.

Next week is the 8 Tuff Miles Race in St Johns to raise money for the WoundedWarrior Project. After the race will be 7 days of sailing in the Virgin Islands.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Skiing Colorado January 2012

 Pictures and Video Below

This the third time skiing this season. Finally some snow. Colorado has had one or the worst seasons when it comes to snow fall. This trip is the first where there is natural snow and good conditions. Some of the highlights:

  • Joining me on the trip - G d'B, Dandy Dan, and Big Ed 
  • Visiting Boulder and the Flat Irons 
  • Top speed skiing - G d'B 46.3 Miles per Hour Miles 
  • Skied - Over 100 miles Range of difficulty - Green to Black Diamonds ( Mostly Blue / Black) 
  • Spending 3 hours 25 minutes to drive 40 miles in bumper to bumper traffic 
  • Great Dinners - Ross and Sue prepared for us. 
  • Having Rita (The World Class Snowboarder) join us for two dinners. 
  • Big Ed used his new skis and boots 
  • G d'B used his new boots 
  • DUG used Big Ed's old skis as his new skis 

Three weeks until my next trip, need to play some poker to rebuild by travel fund and start planning my tour of Botswana for this summer. I am thinking mountain biking might be a great way to see the country I call home.