Tuesday, May 17, 2011

California May 2011

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Had a great visit with Naomi, in California she has just started her PhD at Stanford in animal husbandry. Yes, not only is she learning how to be a good husband, she is learning how to be a husband to an animal. She swears she will be taking some time off from running and allow her body to heal from all the damage she has done. Though I doubt this to be the case.

While on the west coast I visited some very distant relatives, the cool part is the Mom (Lucky Linda) was in the Olympics. I think in the late 70's or early 80's. She competed in two sports, beach volley ball, (I know back in that time beach volley ball was not an Olympic sport, so just humor me.) and swimming. Clearly athleticism is in her genes as two of her daughters are on track for the Olympics, Maggie May, in swimming and Double "A", in volley ball. I had the opportunity to see them both complete and set records. I have attached some video. Lastly you will also see a video of Lucky Linda, though she has stopped competing professional she still plays volleyball, recently in a seniors game she came down funny and broke 10 bones in her foot, you will see some Ice Therapy she is currently going through to help accelerate the healing process.




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