Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sailing The Chesapeake Bay September 2015

What a great weekend, it has been a few year since I had been sailing so when Shrek invited me to join him for a celebration sail, how could I say no. What were we celebrating? Shrek and his mate Bill had just qualified for the Americas Cup Race. Yes I was about to go out sailing with two world renowned captains. I had no idea what being a famous Captain walking around Annapolis, Maryland is like. Think of being a famous movies star or famous athlete anywhere else in the world. Everybody wanted their pictures taken with Shrek. Being the cameraman and video man I was kept busy all night.

Rather then me going on and on, just watch the video and you will see what I mean about the sailing groupies. Oh, and one other thing, for some reason Shrek had heard Annapolis has great hamburgers so another part of our mission was to find the bar that had the best burger. We later found out Shrek had gotten the story wrong, it was Memphis not Annapolis and it was barbeque not hamburgers. Enjoy the Video (below).