Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sailing Chesapeake Bay July 2016

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It was last September that Shrek invited me sailing. This year Mrs. Shrek invited Margarite and she asked me to join her. Mrs. Shrek does not like all the attention that Shrek gets when walking around
Annapolis. You know with being a famous Americas Cup Captain and all. To escape the paparazzi we decided to sail up the much less known Magothy River.

 Leaving Rock Hall heading west with the wind out of the South at 15 knots made for a perfect close haul sail, across the bay directly up the Magothy River. The weather outlook was for severe thunderstorms. We could see to the storms to the west and north of us but never over our heads. We spent several hours sailing before heading to the marina. We would spending the night at Ferry Point Marina. What a great sail with both Shrek
and Margarite experienced American Cup Sailors it was a great day.

Ferry Point Marina is a well protected marina just incase one of the numerous thunderstorms that have been passing us by decides to hit us.

As we were hanging at the marina we see Usain Bob and Marisol along with their adopted daughter Raisa. And of course their favorite daughter Amelia B Dalia. You remember the Quarrie family from our trip a few years back to the Virgin Islands, the drug runners.

Not sure why but Shrek offered to take the Quarrie's out for a sail. Shrek decided to sail to Dobbins Islands where we anchored and had lunch. The Quarrie's had brought lunch it was delicious. I think this was all a set up!

The rain finally got us, while the surrounding area was getting clobbered with thunder, lighting, and strong down pours we had a light rain. Since most of us were swimming it was no big deal.

After a swim and lunch, we motored back to the marina to wash up for dinner.

We decided to dine at The Point Crab House and Grill which is on the marina property. While heading to dinner we ran into Dr. Ruth you know the famed Dr. Ruth fame, along with her husband Brian who is actually the reincarnation of Earnest Hemingway, joining them their daughter Megan and their son in law Nick.

They decided to join us for dinner, yes a table for 12. The food was great and the service was even better. Just as we finished dinner the storms finally found us, cats and dogs started falling from the sky.

We hung at the bar until the rain let up, then we all parted ways and we return to the boat to retire for
the night.

In the morning we went for a short run to stretch our legs, before our trip back across the bay. No wind today so we decided to motor back. During our journey Margarite decided the ship needed to be put into ship shape and started cleaning. Shrek was so happy with all the items Margarite found, things Shrek had lost / misplaced years ago.

After docking and finishing the cleaning we headed out for dinner. We decided to try the Lemon Leaf Cafe in Chestertown, MD. I was staving so I went for the Grande Nachos, yep they were big.

That's it! Off to Boston!!!



All Pictures
Sailing Chesapeake Bay July 2016