Monday, May 2, 2011

Poker Update for March and April heading to California

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With my travel in March I did not get to play that much poker. April started out very good, but then black Friday happened. On April 15th the United States Department of Justice shut down the 3 largest on-line poker sites. Two of which I played Poker Stars and Fulltilt Poker. When I say they shut them down, they made it impossible for players that are based in the United States or United States citizens from accessing these sites.

Since I am neither based in the United States or a United States citizen, you might say how does this effect DUG. It has a huge effect, all on line poker players know that the U.S. players are the worst. Remember in poker you play against other players not a casino, so with the United States Department of Justice eliminating 23 million of the worst players in the world. Poker is now less lucrative then it had been. There are several sites that still allow U.S. player to play on, but their reputations are less then stellar.

Carbon Poker
Poker Host
True Poker

The irony of the U.S. Government is that on TAX DAY (April 15th) a country with the largest national debt shuts down an industry that could contribute billions of dollars in tax revenue to help pay down that debt.

With the worst players gone I decided to take a short break from poker. I was profitable for March and April wining $7.57 playing 1,775 hands for just under 14 hours making my win rate $.55 an hour. I am glad it only cost $1.00 a week to live in Botswana.

Not much has been happening in our village here is a picture of one of the boys in our village using the running water from our windmill / water pump we built.

I am off the California to visit Naomi. Naomi has ran several Marathons with me, completed Boston this year, and is now getting her P.H.D. in animal husbandry.



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