Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lots of Traveling in October, first stop Wineglass Marathon

I am heading back to the United States for about a month. I have several trips within this big trip so rather then go back and fourth I thought I would turn it into one long stay. My first trip is to Corning, New York, home of Corning Glass, where I will be running the Wine Glass Marathon. I will have all the details and the results on my next post, plus updates on my other adventures while in the United States.

Life in the village as been somewhat routine, when I am not playing Poker, I have been mostly hanging out with the elders, playing with the kids, or training for the Marathon.

As far as poker goes, I have to work on my discipline if I every want to build my bankroll back up to a level I can move up in stakes. I continue to play at the .25/.50 level. For the month I lost $87.65 playing 42.08 hours for a loss of $2.08 an hour. With Bonuses and points I was about even. I was doing fine until I had a couple of bad beats and went on Tilt. This caused me to play bad and lose several hands I should not have even been playing. The good thing about poker is you keep learning and improving, and by forcing myself to stay at this level until I get the right size bank roll will make me a better poker player.

Below are three hands you may enjoy;

Hand 1, I hit a straight flush on the river and the opponent slow played his pocket Ace’s until the river. With such low bets I had to call and then boom he goes all in when I have the NUTZ.

Hand 2, I hit quads (4 of a kind) though I did not win much money I did get the guy to call my value bet on the river when he was playing the board.

Hand 3, this was the poker gods watching out for me. I put my opponent on AK and I thought I was ahead, only to find out, if I had not hit on the river I would have lost my whole stack.

Hand 1

Hand 2

Hand 3



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PokerRockStar said...

Hello dug,

for the jacks I would small4bet/fold
(small4bet=3betsize*2 to avoid comitment).

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PS : What a pity : bad view on your justin channel. :/