Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Philly Distance Run 2009

The wind generator / water pump has been working great and all the villagers are as happy as can be. We have started doing research on our next project which is solar power. Also we will be planting our pineapple crop soon and are excited as our compost toilets have been working very well, this will give us a 2 fold benefit; one we will not have to buy elephant dung this year, as well as we should have a great pineapple crop.

I have been staying focused on my poker play again staying at the $.25/$.50 tables. So far this month I have won $209.35 while playing 21.55 hours and 2,137 hands. As you can see my volume is down but my quality is way up. My hourly rate is $9.71 an hour and my profit per hand is $.10.

Margarite went to the United States to run in the Philly Distance Run, she ran with the Full Moon Running Club, I have posted the pictures and video below. I did not join her on this trip as I will be spending most of October in the United States, more on that in a future post, please enjoy the pictures and also some fun hands below the pictures and video.

60 second Video

Fun hand I won on the River:

Fun hand I won on the Turn:



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