Monday, October 26, 2009

University of Michigan VS Penn State Football October 2009

I am heading up to visit Laney my niece who is attending the University of Michigan. You may remember Laney as she joined me white water rafting on the Snake River in Hells Canyon back in July.

I arrived Friday night to a damp cold Michigan fall. Laney had a hot date so I was on my own. I found a great town about 8 miles west of Ann Arbor called Chelsea. Chelsea had a great Main Street lined with restaurant and shops. I decided to grab dinner and a beer at Cleary’s Pub. I had great meat ravioli and the owner personally greeted each customer.

Saturday was the big day, University of Michigan VS Penn State, a true college football rivalry. Penn State had not beaten University of Michigan at Michigan since 1995.

I met Laney for brunch and a tour of campus. The game was at 3:30 so we headed to the stadium about 3:00. This was some sight 100,000 plus fans all walking toward the big house. My guess about 50,000 of the 100,000 were somewhat impaired which added to the great atmosphere.

I expected a close game but was quickly let down. Within the first minutes University of Michigan scored a touch down, and boy did they make it look easy! At that point I thought this was going to be a blow out. Well it was, Penn State 35 University of Michigan 10. Not what I expect after the first few minutes. After that first drive University of Michigan fell apart. Penn State scored on its first drive and tied the game just 4 minutes into the first quarter. From that point on it was all Penn State.

What a great atmosphere cold, windy, and raining 106,325 people half drunk and 90% of the University of Michigan fans pissed off, just a ton of fun.

After the game I met back up with Laney and we had dinner a good friend of hers, Lulu.

Then I headed back to my hotel since Laney and Lulu said they were going to study, but I knew study meant party.

Sunday morning Laney and I had breakfast at the broken egg. And then off to study group for Laney and Washington DC, for me.

I had tickets for Monday night football, Philadelphia Eagles VS the Washington Redskins.

My brother Lee will be joining me for the game.