Friday, June 29, 2012

Sarasota with Chuata, Nami, visiting Cousin Robyn

It had been a while since I had left the village, so I convinced the elders a trip was in order. Somehow Nami had purchased a house (mansion) on the Inter-Coastal water way near Sarasota Florida (I thought our village treasury had some how gotten smaller). So Chuata, Nami, and I were off to visit Sarasota while there we would also be visiting our cousin Robyn, a VERY successful Marketer.

While in Sarasota we:
  • Visited Cousin Robyn's 25th floor Pent House Condo to see the sunset. 
  • Took Nami's boat for a ride on the Inter-Coastal so view his house from the water 
  • Viewed the eclipse 
  • Cooked dinner on the beach 
  • Visited the world famous Ringling Brothers Circus Museum and Mansion 
  • Shot pool is a very cool dive bar 

That was it, a short fun trip.



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