Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Adventure Race April 2012

As you may know by now I will be doing the Tour de Tuli in August. This is a 200 mile Mountain Bike Ride through the wilds of Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. This ride is a charity ride that benefits the charity Children in the Wilderness. Thanks to many of you we have already raised over $18,000 and we are not done yet. For more information visit my web site Riding 4 The Children.

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Margarite will be joining me on this ride along with my nephew Scrappy. Doing a 200 mile mountain bike ride is no small feat and requires some training. Just going out and riding for hours can get boring so we decided to do a Team Adventure race in Zimbabwe. Since Margarite and I seem to end up on the same team we decided to recruit some friends and create two different teams. My team was called "I do not know" Margarite's team was called "This could be Iffy...."

Now to recruit team members.

Dug's team -

Moby - You may remember Moby we first meet when traveling in France back in 2008. Moby is a professional bicyclists, his focus is on climbing. He was on Lance Armstrong’s team 3 years in a row and won the polka dot jersey 2 times. Since retiring from professional biking Moby has turned to Mountain biking competing in the Leadville 100, 5 times.

Lorenzo - I meet Lorenzo some time back, The Rock introduced us. I am sure they worked black opps together.  Lorenzo is an ex-Seal / ex-CIA operative. For fun Lorenzo will hire a helicopter to take him thousands of miles into the African jungle. With just a hotel sewing kit, he likes to see how long it takes him to get back to civilization and how much weight he might lose. The sewing kit? He uses that to hunt for food. I invited Lorenzo along for his navigational skills.

Margarite's team -

Albert - Not only an accomplished Mountain Biker and Canoeist. Also a very accomplished top chef, He has prepared meals for many heads of state some now deceased including Saddam Hussein, and Muammar Gaddafi. When Albert is not preparing a world class meal he can be found canoeing on such rivers as the Blue Nile.

Laine - A very accomplished trail runner, she has also competed many times in the Leadville 100, though she did it trail running unlike Moby who did it on a mountain bike. When Laine is not out trail running she hacks for the group known as Anonymous. Laine and Lorenzo though they claimed they never meet seemed to know each other, I think she may really be hacking for the CIA.

The race took place on he border of Botswana and Zimbabwe crossing the boarder several time.

Team "I do not know" had a little bit of a disadvantage,  while training for the trail running Moby tore a ligament in his right ankle and sprained his left ankle. I on the other hand had a cracked rib from a mountain biking accident the week before. With Lorenzo on our team we had no fear. If need be Lorenzo could carry the two of us through the trail run.  From the video you can see Moby was not slowed down by his injuries.

The race was made up of Trail Running, Mountain Biking, Canoeing, as well has some skill challenges, like knot tying, Scooter racing (blind folded), etc.

Both teams did great and got second in their respective divisions. A great time was had by all.
                           This Video is worth watching (5 seconds long)



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