Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Canyon ranch (Tucson) then on to Hollywood

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Year 4 at Canyon Ranch feel free to read and view pictures from on year 1, year 2, or year 3.

As always Chephart Yosh was just an unbelievable host. Two highlights of the trip were visiting the "Who Shot Rock and Roll" exhibit at the Tucson Museum of Art.

And hiking the Wasson Peak with Chephart Yosh and Margarite. Wasson Peak is the highest peak in the Tucson Mountain Range. While at Canyon Ranch I continued my training for the upcoming 8 Tuff Miles race in St Johns U.S.V.I.

After 5 days of beating, "the you know what out of myself" training, I decided to head off to Hollywood. My buddy John was visiting his daughter and son in-law Sara Erikson and Peter Oldring.

You may remember I went to Sara and Peter's wedding 2 years back.

John was going out to visit Sara and Peter to celebrate Sara getting the leading lady part in the up coming Mission Impossible movie to be released in November of 2013. The title is "Mission Impossible - Witches Brew"

While visiting Sara and Peter we got to do a lot of celebrity stuff. With both Peter and Sara's careers taking off, life and the visit was somewhat hectic. Most days both Sara and Peter were up at the crack of dawn about 11:00 am (it was dawn in Hawaii). The first few hours of the day were spent deciding what to do. Once the efficient planning process was complete with what day light we had left we kept ourselves busy.

Both John and I arrived at LAX on Tuesday evening, Sara was right on time picking us up. Off we went to Sara and Peters new digs in the Hollywood Hills. Sara and Peter just recently purchased a $7,532,842.56 mansion. This was a drop in the bucket compared to the money Sara will be making starring in the Witches Brew.

The house was over the top, the best part of the house was Maggie the family dog. Though both Sara and Peter have hit the big time they remain grounded and continue to want to give back. Maggie is a recipient of their generosity as she was a rescue dog that now lives the life of Reilly. Not quit the LifeOfDUG but close.

After a few hours of catching up, and an unbelievable gourmet dinner prepared by Sara and Peter, John and I hit the sack, Sara and Peter hit the clubs, apparently this is part of the celebrity life style.

Wednesday morning or should I say afternoon we heading down to Rodeo Drive

Peter was requested to play a leading role in an up coming feature film. Peter needed to evaluate if he wanted to take the part. The producers office was just off Rodeo Drive, we all went along as John and I thought lunch might be a good idea, though Sara was in favor of Breakfast. We ate at the Urth Cafe very cool and healthy spot.

Once Peter was done his meeting we regrouped and we decided to execute on that days plan. First off to Venice Beach what an eclectic place.

People watching was awesome, the skate boarders, surfers, homeless, street performers, body builders, you name the type of people to watch and you find it on Venice beach. The best part while we were watching all these people, they were watching us. Most recognized Sara and Peter from the work they had done.

John was recruited to do a street show what a blast.

From Venice Beach we were off to the Venice Canals.

No, not Venice Italy, Venice California! This place was magical I had never been to the Venice Canals in California, a canal system much like Venice Italy only cleaner, with quaint houses right on the banks. After a walking tour of the canals we headed up to Malibu.

Sara needed to drop something off at Charlie Sheen's house (I did not ask). From there we went to Dukes for drinks and some finger food on the beach. What a view and sunset.

Thursday morning was fun packed, we changed all the clocks in the mansion so rather then the normal wake up at 12:00 PM we were ready to go at 9:00 AM. I needed to train so Peter and I planned to run he Hollywood Hills, unfortunately someone had dropped human body parts in the park the night before, the police closed the park down. We found some other hills to run what a great work out 2 miles up and 2 miles down. After the run Peter had another meeting and John, Sara and I, had breakfast at Bea Bea's in Burbank great breakfast place.

The afternoon was golf and some R&R, then a gourmet dinner with a main course of salmon prepared to perfection, by Peter and Sara.

Friday was an easy 6 mile run and then off to the studios. Sara was filming for Witches Brew and we got back stages passes to watch the filming. (See Video). As a surprise Sara got John and I dancing lessons at the Famous Sophie Dance Studio

After a full day of filming we had a huge night planned at the Magic Castle. This was a surprise and what a surprise it was. If you are every in Hollywood even if you are not a fan of Magic this is a must. One thing I must admit going with Sara and Peter was very cool we got the full VIP treatment.

Saturday Sara and Peter were having a Hollywood Party inviting many of their celebrity friends over for a night of Pork Barbeque and Beans and party games.

I hear there Colorado is finally getting some snow so I think I will head off to the Mountains.

Cheers from Hollywood,

DUG (Pictures videos Below)


Magic Castle

Video Venics

Witches Brew


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