Monday, January 24, 2011

Canyon Ranch (Tucson) January 2011

This is my third time visiting Cherphart Yosh in Tucson, Arizona. This year Margarite joined me. To see what I did Year 1 or Year 2 just click on the year.

This year we visited the Desert Museum. The Desert Museum is not really a museum, but a natural animal habitat. It is a safe sanctuary for native animals and plant life. There are no cages or fences, the animals have learned over time this is a safe place. There are all kinds animals from wolfs, to skunks. To keep the humans safe while hiking around the Desert Museum, you get sprayed with a colorless, odorless liquid that somehow keeps the animals at a distance. The true test was when we walked right by a sleeping Mountain Lion and he/she did not even take one look at us.

As always Cherphart was an awesome host. I hope you enjoy the pictures I am off to Detroit to meet with some auto manufacturing executives about donating Electrical Vehicles for our village.



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