Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Big Bill Ludwick’s Son Dylan goes Viral!!

You may remember my friend (I use the term loosely) William (Big Bill) Ludwick. He was Mr. Pittsburgh (Body Building) a few years back. His daughter Alli, has join me in Miami for dinner a few times.

Well his son Dylan Ludwick a World Champion Swimmer has hit the big time as not only a swimmer but an up and coming rapper. His new single “Life of a Swimmer” went off the charts. Dylan originally wrote this song for his team, but recently dedicated it to Fran Crippen, a world class swimmer that recently passed away.

To listen / download the song and read the entire story, please click on this link. If you enjoy the song please make a donation to the Fran Crippen Elevation Foundation.

P.S. The pictures are of Big Bill and Dylan, I hope you can see the resemblance.

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