Thursday, October 13, 2022

Fourteen hours in Stockholm, Sweden September 2022

 We are on our way to Eastern Europe. 

Sunday, September 4th, 6:30 AM Stockholm time, we touched down after seven and a half hours in theair. Hopefully, you realize Sweden is part of Scandinavia not Eastern Europe…
We could have flown directly from the United States to Belgrade, Serbia. Our first leg of this journey.

Finnair had a flight special. If you booked a flight through their hub in Stockholm, they would sell you a business class ticket for the same price as the cheapest direct economy ticket.
For us this was a double bonus. We flew business class, and we got a 14-hour layover in Stockholm, Sweden. This layover gave me country number 71.
After landing, we got a quick shower at the airport hotel before heading into the city. We took the Arlanda, a high-speed express train from the Airport to Central Station, Stockholm.
We had arranged a walking tour of the newer part of Stockholm. The tour, two hours long, was very informative. We saw the spot a former prime minister was assassinated (there is a bronze plaque). Both the CIA and the KGB were suspects. That shows how well-liked this former prime minister was. Thirty-six years later, there are still conspiracy theories about who killed him. The highlight of the tour, was seeing the building that housed the department store where Greta Garbo was working when she was discovered.
After the tour, we walked to Rosendals Garden – Rosendals Trädgård. The walk took us through the city waterfront, then across the bridge to the park that housed the gardens. The garden has flowers for aesthetics and vegetables for use in the café.
We had planned to eat lunch at the Rosendals Garden. Being Sunday afternoon and beautiful weather, the café was packed, so we continued.
Our next stop on our tour was Old Town. Old Town, built on an island just off the mainland.
We had a nice lunch in Old Town, and at the same time did some people watching.
We visit the Nobel Museum, where many Nobel Prizes are awarded. Lastly, we saw the Royal Castle, a few churches, and the parliament building.
Based on my observation, Stockholm has the highest per capita of cigarette smokers in the developed countries besides Oslo. Everybody smokes!
At 8:30 PM, we caught our flight to Belgrade, Serbia.

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