Monday, February 13, 2017

Raleigh, North Caroline February 2017 The Krispy Kreme Challenge

It has been a few years since I have done a Runting event. You may remember runting is a race that involves running and eating. There are Runting races where you run and eat ice cream, there are back in 2013, it was time for a rematch.
runting races that involve running and eating pepperoni bread. Then of course the Krispy Kreme Challenge! Run 2.5 miles, eat a dozen doughnuts (2,400 calories) and then run another 2.5 miles all in under and hour. I did this race

This year is special meaning, my niece Double AA is going to N.C. State. N.C. State sponsors the race to raise money for the children's hospital. They raise hundreds of thousands of dollars while consuming close to 100,000 donuts, yes eight to nine thousand runners will be running this year.

Also join in the race are:

Fast Feet Fast Eat Mick
Dan the Man Jr.
Double AA
Colleen "The Stomach"
Big Ed
Fast Freddy

Rather than give you the play by play you can just watch this few minute video. Oh, and yes the donuts where not enough, so we had to go out to the Roasted Grill for Hot Dogs afterwards.

As far as our times:
Colleen "The Stomach" 50:43 (now you know why she is called "The Stomach"
Fast Freddy 51:31
Dug 56:08
Dan the Man Jr. 56:25
Fast Feet Fast Eat Mick 56:28
Margarite 56:36
Big Ed 1:03:15
Double AA 1:19:30

A great day was had by all.



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