Thursday, November 5, 2015

Two Ranches in One Trip (Tucson and Greer AZ) October 2015

Our last trip to Canyon Ranch back in March was a little short, lucky for us Chephart Yosh invited us
for another visit. This time not only did Chephart Yosh invite us to Canyon Ranch she also invited us to her cabin in the Mountains at Hidden Meadow Ranch. Yep double the fun with two ranches in one.

Canyon Ranch was as great as ever, we had three full days or working out and beating the you know what our of ourselves. For whatever reason I will never know. They had a new piece of equipment called move strong it was like a jungle gym for adults. I had a blast playing around on it.

On Saturday we started our trek to the mountains. Or should I say our drive. Hidden Meadow Ranch is 5 hours out side Tucson at an elevation of 8,600 feet, I love altitude. Friends of Chephart Yosh that were visiting from Germany will be joining us. Gudon who is a world famous explorer and Reinhart who is a world famous physicist, in fact Reinhart worked on the Manhattan project. We drove in separate cars as Gudon and Reinhart had to return early.

Hidden Meadow Ranch is located in Geer, AZ not to far from the New Mexico boarder. The drive is breath taking, most of it is on windy state road crossing through the Salt Canyon. You climb
from 3,000 feet to over 8,500 feet during the drive.

Chephart Yosh had describe her place as a cabin, not so much, more like a beautiful log cabin home. Everything was just perfect. Hidden Meadow Ranch is staffed by world renowned chef John. He made us a beautiful dinner, which was perfect after the long drive.

After a great nights sleep we decided to just vegg out and relax after a few days of working out. We did go for a 5 mile run, while Gudon and Reinhart went on a short hike that turned into a long hike, they planed on an hour and were gone
closer to three. We never got the real story on what these two love birds were up to.

In the afternoon we all took a short hike to get the lay of the land and enjoy a beautiful sunset. Chephart Yosh made us a fantastic dinner and then off to bed. Tomorrow we had a fun adventure planned.

Hidden Meadow Ranch offers horse back riding and Mountain Bike riding. We opted for the mountain bikes. Our plan was to do a nice easy Mountain Bike ride. What is the saying, best laid plans. On our run we really did not feel the effect of the altitude except on uphill sections. This was a
happy surprise.

The goal today, was a nice easy ride without many hills. As we left the ranch we took a dirt road that I thought would hit the state road and then we could double back to the main road we arrived in on, which was relatively flat.

Our ride started out flat and quickly turned into a steep down hill. I think I went close to 5 miles without having to peddle, gravity can be a great thing. After about 12 miles we reached the state road, I went right and Margarite went left. Not good! We each had a different thought on how to get back to the cabin. We decided to go left, which
worked out great until we saw that we were heading into New Mexico and the road was going straight up hill. We made a quick U turn past our dirt road and on our way back to the cabin. Second thoughts kicked in when we started heading up another steep hill. With no certain idea how to get back except going back the way we came, we made another U turn and retraced our steps back to the dirt road.

Once on the dirt road we realized not only was the ride out downhill we had the wind to our backs. As we made the right turn onto the dirt road the wind hit us like a ton of bricks. My guess 20 miles per hour with gusts even stronger. We did not know it, but would later find out we had descended over 2,000 feet, from over 8,500 feet to just under 6,500 feet. The ride out about 30 minutes, the ride back 2 hours (gravity sucks). So much for an easy ride.

Shower, Nap, Dinner, and a day we called it.

Today we will be heading back to Tucson as we have an early flight out the next day. The ride back
was as beautiful as the ride out, except a few torrential rain showers. Another great dinner prepared for by Chephart Yosh and off to bed for our 4:00 AM wake up call.

What a great trip, until next time.





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