Friday, July 5, 2013

Long Weekend at The Homestead (Runting Training) Hots Springs, Virginia June 7th - 10th, 2013

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I had a great opportunity to join Dan The Man training his son Daniel on some runting The Homestead, in Hot Springs, Virginia . You may remember runting is the up and coming sport of combing Running and Eating = Runting. Dan The Man has become a professional Runter with numerous sponsors.

 Dan The Man has competing very well in both "The Jog n' Hog" and "The Krispy Kreme Challenge". As a champion runter, Dan The Man knows his time in the spot light is limited. He knows as the sport of runting get's traction there will be a younger group of runters that will dominate the sport.

The purpose of our visit to the Homestead, was two fold. One as I mentioned train Daniel in the sport of runting and also scout out some areas for new runting events. The reason Dan The Man chose The Homestead is for two reasons. One they
serve awesome fresh homemade doughnuts, and it is a beautiful area to design a runting course.

Another benefit that Dan The Man did not realize is that the Homestead's service has gone down hill and they are excited to host some runting events to bring new visitors so they can show off their newly renovated facilities.

Dan The Man invited along his entire family, including his in-laws. We started the training off rather lightly working up to the full dozen doughnuts. By the end of the weekend Daniel could down a dozen like there was no tomorrow.

While runting was the main driver for the visit we did a lot of other activities. Dan The Man and his son Daniel played golf or gorgeous courses in the smoky mountains.

Margarite and I did some great mountain biking, which was both very enjoyable and strenuous. All the kids (me included) had a blast enjoying the lazy river and water slides.

The in-laws did a hike down the gorge, not bad for 2 eighty some things,
while mom and the kids went horse back riding.

A great weekend was had by all.

As I continue to figure out where the next place to live should be I will be traveling around the United States, my next stop Cape May, New Jersey.




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