Sunday, February 19, 2012

Some Poker Play in Gaborone Botswana February 2012

It was a boring Saturday in the village so Nami, The Rock, I decided to go to Gaborone and hit the casinos. The Rock had never played Texas Holdem before so we thought this should be fun.  Over all a great day. Here are some highlights.

The Rock - Would NEVER fold and PLAYED every hand. Lasted a lot longer then he should have.

Nami - as always the expert poker player if not for a tight table he would have won a lot more money. He knew when to hold and new when to fold. Left with an extra $30.00 USD. That is a lot of money in our Village.

DUG - Played poorly was not focused lost on a hand he tried to be sneaky on. Early position limped in with AJ, got about 7 callers. The flop was 10 J 5. J of Hearts and 5 of Hearts. Dug Checked the flop, and so did everybody else until the big blind. He bet $15 into a $15 pot. DUG called figuring he was going to trap this guy. The turn was another Jack. DUG new he had the winning hand now. The Big Blind bet $35 this time. DUG put him on a Jack also with a lower kicker. DUG called. The pot was now about $120. On the River a 6 of Hearts. Now there were 3 Hearts on the board. There was no way this guy had a flush since he had been betting strong the whole hand. So DUG bet $45 of his remaining $90. The Big Blind pushed all in, DUG called, ready to collect several hundred dollars. The other guy showed A 8 of Hearts for the Nut Flush. DUG was wiped out. $300 USD down the drain, about 4 years worth of living expenses in his village.

You win some and you lose some, DUG just needs to win more then he loses.

Next week is the 8 Tuff Miles Race in St Johns to raise money for the WoundedWarrior Project. After the race will be 7 days of sailing in the Virgin Islands.

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