Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy 60th Birthday to "The Rock"

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It was "The Rock's" 60th Birthday so we decided to head to Atlantic City for some craps play. October is a great time to hit the beach in New Jersey. So we put a call out to see who wanted to celebrate "The Rock's" BIG 60th birthday. Answering the call and showing up was: Mobe, Chuata, G d'B. So the five of us were ready to get a little wild in AC.

First Stop Cesar's Casino. For "The Rock's" birthday we got him a pair of loaded dice. What a funny time. "The Rock" had no idea the dice were loaded. "The Rock" rolled 32 straight numbers he was up $345,678.00. We saw the pit boss starting to get a little suspicious. It was time to get paid and get paid fast. Do you know how hard it is to get a guy that is on a roll (litererly), out of a casino with out making a scene. It ended up being eaiser then we thought. We offered him a sub at the world famous White House Submarines.

"The Rock" cashed out $350,000 even, he was up over that, but gave a very large tip to the Pit Boss. I might be switching from Poker to Craps.

Off to White House Subs. My phone rang it Pate' she was in Bethany Beach Delaware. The ladies had heard about our plan and decided to fly over and meet up with the guys. So all our other halfs were in Bethany Beach.

While we really wanted to stay in AC we knew it was smart to leave while we were up, what was the chance we would get away with using loaded dice twice in one day. We drove to Cape May and caught the ferry down to Delaware.

We met the ladies at this beautiful house on the beach. It ends up many people that own beach houses along the east coast of the United States, leave them empty in the fall and winter. The ladies picked a beautiful house. Pate' from her lock picking days broke in and we had a great place to stay. What luxury.

The ocean water was 55 degrees but that did not deter Margarite and Chuata from taking a swim see video.

What a great weekend and a great celebration. I have a few more events in the United States before I head back to Botswanna.





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