Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tubing on DUG's Village's River

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As I mentioned prior the Village Elders want to diversify our economy with tourism. Based on our research so far we feel Paragliding and Mountain Biking will be great successes for driving tourism to our village. Our little experiment with kayaking did not have the same success. The traitorous part of our river was just to strong for a tourist to handle. With that said, we felt we need to exploit our river with it being such great natural resource. The lower part of the river is much calmer, to calm for kayaking, but we thought perfect for tubing.

We decided to try a small tubing trip. We felt it was important to invite some people from around the world that would help us spread the word about tubing in DUG's Village.

The Participants were as follows. Julia who is a Famous Model from Italy, Monica Ettori a Movie Star from Italy, Crazy Ron Richie - Mad Professor from the United States, and his wife Wild and Wonderful MaryAnn - who is a well known Scientist, joining us from Scotland are the Tucker brothers, Colum a Professional Cyclist, and Ciaran a Professional Golfer. Also on this trip is Alli Ludwick, you may remember Alli she is the daughter of the Famous Big Bill Ludwick.

Alli did not go tubing with us, as she is sitting for Monica's daughter Meghan the child Prodigy.

The tubing was great as you can see from the pictures and video. Make sure you listen to the sound when you watch the video.



Video (Listen to the sound)


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Mike Sobel said...

Great day for a "ride" down the river!