Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Poker VERY BAD MONTH February 2011

I’ve been back in Botswana for a few weeks. Something is up, Margarite and a few of the villagers have been very secretive, something is going on. Though this secrecy is intriguing I have bigger issues. I had one of my worst months playing poker in a very long time. My total loss was $10.44. This is 10 weeks of living expense in our little village, thus my concern.

I played 12.28 hours so the amount of play was low, it could have been I just played a few hands poorly and that created my negative month. The total number of hands played was 976 I lost $.85 an hour, a penny a hand.

On the bright side, things in the village are going very well. While most of the rest of Africa is erupting in protests trying to over throw the ruling leaders our little village is an oasis in all this mess.

We now have reliable, renewable electricity (Current) as well as fresh water, with our windmill / water pump. Our compost toilets and compost pits have been producing high quality natural fertilizer so our crops have been doing very well. We have been able to sell both our extra crops and extra fertilizer to neighboring villages; we now have a nice surplus in our treasury.

Now I just need to get my Poker back on track, so I can start planning my trip to the Greek Isles. Attached are some picture I recently took in our village.

I am still wondering what Margarite is up to?



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