Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Skiing Colorado for Big Ed's Birthday

I got a call from Big Ed, Margarite’s brother. It seems his wife Joanna is over in England, though I know the truth. Joanna is an ex-KGB agent who after the cold war joined the CIA. For the last few months she has been stationed in Egypt helping the United States over throw the current Egyptian regime.

So back to Big Ed you may remember last year Big Ed introduced me to down hill skiing, it is his birthday and he wanted to see if wanted to head to Colorado and hit the slopes. I had been planning to head back home to Botswana, but skiing sounded good. Plus it would give me a chance to visit my brother’s family.

When we arrived at the Denver airport it was zero degrees Fahrenheit. By the time we got to my brothers it was minus 10 degrees when we woke in the morning up it was minus 28 degrees.

What does one wear skiing at minus 28 degrees? The good news was the predicted temperature by the time we would get to the slopes would be minus 15 with a high of minus 10. So we did not need to dress for minus 28 but only minus 15.

Good thing I had winter running gear running gear keeps you warm but allows your sweat to wick. Is it possible to sweat in this kind of cold?

I wore three pairs of running pants, plus ski pants for a total of 4 pair of paints. As far as shirts I lost track after I put on my 6th shirt. I was very fortunate that Testa Rossa (see France Trip)got me this real cool running shirt that had extra long sleeves that acted almost like gloves. Covering my head I had a ski cap then a face mask, then a full face mask, plus a neck cover, topped with an insulated ski helmet. My biggest concern would be my toes and fingers. Fortunately my brother had a full supply of toe and hand warmers. These are chemical pouches that get warm once exposed to air. My sister in law Sue had recommended two warmers per foot. Knowing I was no girly girl I went with one.

So skiing with me was Big Ed, “A” my nephew. His school was closed for they day due to weather (to COLD). To cold to go to school but not to cold to ski, to quote “A”, "It is never to cold for a real man to ski!"

The skiing was great, the resort was empty maybe 10 other skiers at a resort that can hold thousands. Just prior to lunch we all started having some pain/numbness in our fingers and toes to we took an early lunch break. I guess I am a girly girl after all. After lunch I went with 2 toe warmers per foot.

We skied at Copper Mountain Resort.

Day two of skiing was just as cold, “A” was off from school again, but claimed he had to study for a calculus test. We all knew it was just to cold for him. We skied at Winterpark Resort. I like Winterpark better I think it is the wide open views. While you are skiing everywhere you look you see snow covered mountains.

We ran into some chicks from “A's” high school, they said there was no calculus test, and “A” was just being a girly girl. No lie that is what they told us. To top it all off we later learned “A” had gotten frostbite on Tuesday, what a wimp.

Today we were prepared with plenty hand and feet warmers and had no issues with our fingers or toes. What a great day of skiing.

Day 3 our last day, we hit Winterpark again, “A” had school it had warmed up to zero degrees. The wind had picked up compared to the last two days, so riding the chair lifts was a little cold. When we skied actually got warm. Today was Big Ed's birthday so we did what ever runs he wanted. Big Ed has a higher skiing level then me so today was a challenge for me, my skiing really improved.

We had dinner at Rio Del Sol a great Mexican restaurant in Evergreen, Colorado.

You may wonder why only there is only one picture from this trip. In order to take pictures I need two things a functioning camera and functioning fingers. With temptress below I do not think either would work.

Heading back home (Botswana)



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