Thursday, September 2, 2010

August 2010 Poker Update and upcoming Travels

The picture off to the right is a picture I snapped on my ride from town back to my village. Yes, the Billy Goat is holding on (for dear life) as the biker is most likely taking the goat to be slaughtered.

Please make sure you vote (left hand side) on where I should take my next big trip. After you vote you can place comments.

Poker Update –

I had drained my Poker Bank Roll before heading to Iceland and Greenland as I knew I would need a lot of cash for that trip. So when I returned my Poker Bank Roll was down to $12.00. Once back from Greenland, I decided to build back my bank roll without depositing any money into my Poker Account. I thought my best bet to accomplish this was to start at the lowest possible No-Limit Tables which are one cent two cent tables. Since my focus is more on points then on making money I thought this would be fine.

The following are my statistics. I have built my Bank Roll up to over $24.00 yes double what I started with. I won a total of $12.94. I played 15.82 hours so my hourly rate was $.82 an hour. I played 967 hands so I won 1.33 cents per hand. What I was the happiest with was I won 20.45 Big Blinds per hour.

My goal is to stay at this level table until I have built a Bank Roll of over $100.00, at the bottom of this post if one of my Favorite hands for the month.

Some up coming events: I am heading back to the United States next week to compete in the Delaware Diamondman Half Ironman competition. Should be interesting, a friend that just turned 50 planned to do this event for his birthday, I agreed to do it with him, but he has since wimped out. Since I will be in the States I thought it should be a good time to do some hiking in the Colorado Rockies so after my race I will be heading to Colorado. Updates to follow!



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Eric said...

82 cents per hour? Yikes. Better than losing money though, I suppose :)