Thursday, July 8, 2010

On our Way to Iceland and Greenland

As you may remember last year LifeOfDUG had a poll on what places DUG should visit in 2010. You may also remember the results of the poll were Greenland first and Egypt second. There was one problem with the order. The poll ended in November and Greenland is the last place you want to go in November, December, or January unless you are a polar bear so we swapped Egypt and Greenland. I went to Egypt last January and now I will be heading to Greenland. Why Iceland? It seems there are two ways commercial airlines fly to Greenland through Copenhagen or Iceland. I feel at some point I will visit all the Scandinavian countries so why not save Copenhagen for then.

Thus Iceland won by default.

My flights are rather strange Botswana to South Africa to Atlanta to Iceland to Greenland. You might wonder why Atlanta instead of some connecting airport in Europe. When I was planning this trip Eyjafjallajökull was still blowing ash and flights in Europe were being delayed. I did not want to take any chances on my flight being interrupted, so I figured an approach from the west was better then the east.

I will be spending 4 days in Iceland and 10 days in Greenland 4 of the days in Greenland will be on a boat visiting some villages that are smaller then my village in Botswana.

As usually I will update how the trip went when I return with many pictures and some videos.

Lastly there is a new poll on where DUG should go in 2011. Here are the choices.

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
Sailing the Greek isles on a private sail boat

You have the next few months to decide where DUG heads off to next remember you can only vote once so give it some thought.

Here are two sick poker hands the first I should have never called the raise pre flop as I know over time hitting a set with pocket 2's can wipe you out. The second hand I was the favorite when all the money went in the pot. The hands were just a few minutes apart.

That is what poker is all about sick hands, the key is overtime if you make fewer mistakes then your opponents you will make money.


P.S. Ég vona að þú ert að njóta lestur Líf af grófu!

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