Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sara Erikson and Peter Oldring’s Wedding March 6th 2010

Pictures and Video below

What a wedding! You may remember from last summer while I was at a good friends 60th surprise birthday party. I mentioned an up coming wedding of Sara Erikson and Peter Oldring.

The wedding was at El Capitan Canyon about 12 miles north of Santa Barbara, California. Margarite decided to join me for this part of the trip. Our friend Cliff Philips, yes from the famous Phillips amusements and games, sent over his experimental high altitude private jet. We flew direct from South Africa to Los Angels in less then 10 hours the distance was about 11,000 miles. This jet flew at over 1,000 miles an hour at an altitude of 70,000 feet, twice as fast and high as a commercial jet. We meet Cliff at LAX and the three of us drove up the coast to El Capitan Canyon.

Sara and Peter had the weekend packed with events. The first event was an awesome barbeque on the beach, as I had mentioned both Sara and Peter are actors and Margarite was excited to meet some famous people. The invited guests ranged from Mel Gibson, George Clooney to Barbara Strisen and Liz Taylor. As you browse the video and pictures see who you can pick out.

As soon as we arrived we headed to the beach not just for a view of the beach, but to see all the stars, and it was still day light. We found John, Sara’s father he had been out all week hob-knobbing with the rich and famous. He filled us in on the guest list, I introduced Margarite to the family members I knew, Janet, Sara’s mom, Janet’s boyfriend Gary. Sara’s brother Prentis, Prentis’s wife, Angie and daughter Hanna, Sara’s Aunt Pam and Uncle Andy.

Next on the agenda was a Bonfire. We checked into our cabin, the Canyon was equipped with simple tents to luxury cabins. The bonfire was in a grassy area surrounded by our cabins. We made s’mores and heard stories about Sara and Peter and how they met.

In the morning Margarite and I took a 10 mile run along the cliff lined coast. The views were just breath taking. The wedding was at 2:30 PM so Margarite, Cliff and I headed into Santa Barbara for some sight seeing.

The ceremony was on a vista over looking the ocean and mountains. The sky was threatening rain, but we all knew with the amount of love between Peter and Sara there was no way Mother Nature would rain down on their ceremony. As you might expect of any ceremony involving actors it was rather long or should I say long winded, but beautiful as could be. With the wind blowing and a slight chill in the air, you could not have asked for a better setting to start the rest of your life.

The reception was just as amazing as the ceremony. Put 100 actors and actor want a be’s in a room and the drama you get to witness, between the dance and skits it was just a wonderful night.

Sara had the entire weekend plan to perfection with the last event a Sunday morning pancake breakfast. Sara’s father John had a famous family pancake recipe he had inherited from his Aunt Jamiama. The only poor part on Sara’s planning was expecting her Dad to be awake at 8:00 am after a night of celebrating his only daughters wedding. The pancakes got made, but it was a little slow going at first. Cliff and I assisted but John came through like a champ.

People started drifting off as the day went on, some back to there home in Los Angles / Hollywood. Other to wherever they had come from. Janet and Gary started their Bike Ride across America that day. Margarite and I decided to take a few days and head north along the coast, more on that later.

That is it for now enjoy the pictures and video.






Enjoy Your Life! said...

The pictures and video are AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for coming Doug and Peggy!!! We love you guys and I feel so grateful to have had your presence all weekend long! You have always been my family and I love you both!

We will let you know when we make our final plans for Asia!!!!
xoxo Sara

Peter Popovici said...

Hi Sara, congrats for your wedding !
Back in 2003, a guy named Peter Popovici was your classmate in the BH PlayHouse teacher Allen Williams class, in Los Angeles. Do you remember me ? It's ME writing this.

I am happy to see your career as an actress went smooth, also your personal life, marrying .
How are you, Sara ?

Have a nice week-end,

Peter Popovici

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter this is Deborah Yanez

Anonymous said...

Peter Popovici this is Deborah Yanez, Artist from Los Angeles remember me? I seen you at Jazz net.