Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another ski trip in Colorado (See Pictures Below)

I know I still owe you some detail on my Egypt trip, which should be out in the next few weeks. Since being back in Botswana Poker has been very good to me, not only have I been winning, I hit a few bonuses. I decided more travel is in order. As I had mentioned my brother (Ross) moved to Colorado and I have taken up skiing. This week my nephew Austin had his 15th birthday so my younger brother (Lee) and I decided to take him skiing. We also brought along our niece Lauren. For Austin’s birthday, Lee imported an expert skier (Mark) to challenge Austin’s Skiing ability. Austin is always complaining that he never gets to ski with someone better then him. Mark actually qualified for the Vancouver Olympics, though something happened, we think he ate a poppy seed beagle before his last drug test, and was disqualified. Since he was not going to be competing he decided to join us. On Monday we skied Winter Park, it was a great resort with skiing for all levels and long trails. Mark was able to significantly intimidate Austin by taking him down a run called the Drunken Frenchman. A good time was had by all. Lauren who has only skied on the East Coast just fell in love with the Colorado snow. Unknowingly to her, she graduated quickly from the green slopes to the double black diamonds. On Tuesday we skied Vail, a little more crowed then Winter Park and the Runs were not as long and technical. We had a great time, but all agreed Winter Park was the better resort. From Colorado I am heading to Tucson, Arizona more on that later.

This is one Crazy Hand of Poker



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