Friday, December 11, 2009

The Big Move to Evergreen Colorado another ski trip December 2009 (Pictures Below)

Not me, but hopefully my brother’s family. When I arrived in Colorado I found out the reason my brother and nephew were in Colorado was not just for skiing, but to do a home inspection on a house they had put an offer on. The house is beautiful, built right into the mountain, just a mile from downtown Evergreen. So from the house looking out you feel like you are all alone in the middle or a mountain range, but in reality you are located just minutes from a really cool old mining town, 45 minutes from Denver and maybe 30 minutes from some of the best skiing and mountain biking in the world.

There is only one thing better then owning a house like this, that is to have a brother and sister-in-law that own one. I just hope everything goes through.

Friday was the home inspector, I am not sure if the guy was planning to spend 8 hours inspecting this house, but that is what it took, a very thorough job. I think my brother had something to do with that. In fact I think my brother did most of the inspecting. Once the inspection was done we were back to ski mode.

We got our skis on Friday night to save time on Saturday, we rented from Breezes Ski Rentals I highly recommend them. They have many locations throughout Colorado and the best part our hotel gave us coupons for 25% off. We stayed in Golden Colorado so we have an hour and 20 minute ride to the ski resorts. We decided to ski in Breckinridge for a couple of reasons I was use to the sloops and a friend of a friend had set us up to have breakfast with the world famous Wade Howard. You may have heard of him he has completed the Leadville 100 trail ride several times. Wade also invited his brother Jeff along Jeff works for the resort and was able to get us a discount pass for lift tickets what a great thing.

Skiing was good. I was much better then just a few weeks ago, but being a Saturday and closer to Christmas the sloops were a lot more crowded. I still enjoyed it, but learned skiing is a Tuesday to Thursday sport.

After skiing we headed to the Little Bear Saloon, in downtown Evergreen. What a great place, they have live music most of the time and good cheap food. The best part is my brother can walk there from his new house.

Sunday my brother and nephew flew back to the East Coast. I am still broke and need to get to JFK to get back to Botswana, I am sure I will be able to hitch a ride home. Or I need to find a 24 hour internet café so I can play some poker and win enough to buy a plane ticket of even a bus ticket to New York.

Enjoy the pictures and short video.





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