Monday, August 24, 2009

Beach Week 2009 Zanzibar, Tanzania

Margarite’s Family gets together every other year for a family reunion. This year the trip was a Beach Week at Jambiani Beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania. We had a special guest Walter Sullivan, Margarite’s 3rd cousin who is also the retired Bishop of Richmond, Virginia. In fact he gave us a Private Mass on the first Sunday we were there.

The week was mostly R&R the only exciting event was one day there were huge schools of fish just a few yards off the beach, this brought some Great White Sharks in very close. If you watch the video you should be able to see their fins on the top of the water look closely. I did not want to get to close, though Great Whites are very docile off the coast of Zanzibar it did not make sense to push my luck. The first section of the video is the schools of fish then you see the sharks. Enjoy the pictures and video.

Shark Video

Beach Week Pictures

Beach Week Video



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