Thursday, July 9, 2009

Heading to Snake River Canyon in Idaho

What a week: Made nice progress on the wind generator thanks to Ray Mathis Metal Design. Had a good week at poker winning over $100.00 my bankroll is approaching $500.00 and I have been pulling out half my winnings each week. My tight conservative play is paying off.

As you know I should be in Greenland right now, but my poker buddy planning the trip fell through so I moved the Greenland trip to next year. Egypt came in second on the poll so I will be heading there in December.

Wait until you hear this I am heading to Snake River Canyon in Idaho, United States, tomorrow. The manufacture of the original wind generator we had planned to purchase has invited us to this customer event for three days of white water rafting, the funny part is the Nile is just a few hundred miles north of us and has great white water rafting. So I have invited 19 of my closets friends to join me, since they said brings some friends with you.

Boy I hope this wind generator manufacture does not find out we are building our own generator.

I plan to spend some extra time in Idaho I will update you on my return.



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KK said...

Enjoying your blog ! Good luck in Idaho