Saturday, October 4, 2008

Week of September 29, 2008

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I already reported my poker statistics for the early part of the week since the month ended on Tuesday, so my poker statistics for this post will only be for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday which I will post at the bottom.

I have been busy catching up on things since returning from France. It is amazing how much falls by the wayside while you are gone. I never realize how much I do for our little village until I am away and come back and see all the little things that have piled up. You might think that the villagers might do some of these things on their own, no they wait for me to return.

For example as I mentioned I had bought the elephant dung for the framers so they would have a better quality fertilizer for their fields. It seems they felt since I was the one that bought the dung, I should be the one to spread it on the field and plant the seed. So that was two days of my life this week. The first day was getting all the dung spread out and then a few days later, I planted the crops. Planting the crops would have been a 5 day job, but I was able to find a gas powered seeder on eBay, the bid included free shipping. I doubt the seller figured the buyer would be in Botswana. I am sure he or she took a bath on this transaction. (See picture above of me seeding the fields.) I planted mostly vegetables. Carrots, Lettuce, and a few tomato plants, my goal was to plant enough that the village would have more then enough and could sell the extra to some neighboring villages.

I also made a small investment into irrigation equipment and a cistern. Rain in Botswana is very erratic, being able to store the rain water and then distribute it on the crops as needed will really help out the farmers. Not only is this going to help the village, but since the orphanage gets most of its food from these crops I should get a lot of points with Margarite.

I spent several hours looking at who should be doing what jobs in the village. I am not sure why but many of the village elders feel I have a good knack for assessing talent. The village works like a cooperative. Everybody helps out with all the chores and needs of the village. The results are then shared by all, very socialistic. This has worked very well for the village. My goal is to slowly move the village to a capitalistic village. The first move in this direction is working with the farmers and setting up a market for them to sell the surplus crops that the village will not need.

I have also been spending some time working on the French trip pictures and the journal that goes along with it, it maybe another two weeks before they are both complete.

Lastly, I did get some down time and was able to play one round of DISC golf with two of the village elders, Nami, and Chuata. Both are well respected leaders of our village and for me to get one on one time with them is huge.

I was able to pick up the quantity of my poker play for the first three days of October. I played 6.60 hours for a hand count of 833 or 126 hands per hour. My winnings were only $10.20 or $1.55 an hour. My focus was building FFP so my real goal was to maximize my hands per hour while minimizing my losses. I only need 750 more FFP to get a $240.00 bonus. I get .33 FFP for each hand I play. So if I play 2,250 more hands I will get $240.00 or about 10 cents a hand. Since I can easily play 126 hands an hour that is about $12.00 and hour plus what ever I win. The key is to not lose while I am building FFP to win the bonus, otherwise it would just be a waste. No interesting hands during these sessions. The only interesting fact was out of the 833 hands I got AA or KK a total of 9 times which is statistical about right, I won all 9 hands which is also statistical correct, the only strange thing was I never really got any action with the nine hands most folded to me before the flop and if I made it to the flop the opponents folded right after the flop.

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