Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why Life Of DUG?

Updated July of 2014 

In January of 2013 I was exiled from Botswana. and since have be looking for a new place to live.
With all the moving around I have not had as much time to play poker but still find enough time to play to help finance my travel.

P.S. This picture is of me on the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

October 2005

I quit work, moved to Botswana and started two new hobbies, traveling the world and playing on-line poker. The first hobby though expensive was easy to master (traveling). The second (Poker) was a little bit more expensive at first and was much harder to master. It has taken two and a half years to master on-line poker. I have played about 1,000 hours of poker in these two and a half years. This is over 90,000 hands of poker all on-line. I am now at a point where I win consistently and feel I can finance my world travels with my profits.

During this same time I have been doing some traveling. Here are the places I have visited. Uganda, Saint Johns, USVI, Jordan, Peru, San Francisco, Miami, Italy, Germany, South Dakota, Chzech Republic, Hungary, Colorado.

What I plan to do is post information of what life is like traveling the world along with pictures and videos of the places I visit. I also plan to post what it is like to play on-line poker for a living.

I grew up in the United States, but have moved to Botswana. The reason for this move, is on-line poker is legal and on one U.S. Dollar you can live like a king for a week.

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I hope you enjoy seeing what life is like as a nomad on-line poker player living in Botswana.



P.S. The picture is of me hanging out with the local authorities.


Anonymous said...

you look marvy! Good luck with UR projects in Boswana, how inspiring! It would be great if there were more good Souls like U in the world! GST. Good bye from Ice Land. Boy it's chilly up here!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time in Eygpt and won your travel expenses back, otherwise u would have to curtain your travel! I went to Saint Thomas then took a boat to Saint John and went to the beach at Trunk Bay, it was Beautiful. I also went to Haiti, a day after the earthquake by ship so that I could give humanitarian aid, mostly financial I provided them money and they gave me services in exchange. I also provided fund on a purely charitable basis.